Civic volunteer recruitment Kolkata Police under 2019

             Civic volunteer recruitment Kolkata Police 

                                                                                                             DATE: 16TH JANUARY, 2019

introduction -Application forms for male / female candidates are invited as Civic volunteers under various units of the Calcutta Police, approved in accordance with the provisions of the Police Establishment Branch, Order No. of West Bengal, Home and Hill Affairs Department. 2801-PL / PB / 3P31/2012 (PT-1) dated 07/07/2017, as follows:

                  Unit                               vacancy                                                          Address for Collection 
                                                                                                                     Submission of Application

1. Wireless Branch, Kolkata Police   (60)                                              Deputy Commissioner of                                                                                                                                  Police,                                                                                                                                                    Wireless Branch, Kolkata                                                                                                                     Address: 112, Ripon Street,                                                                                                                                 Kolkata 700016

2. Kolkata Home Guard Organization  ( 100)                              Deputy Commissioner of Police,                                                                                                               Combat Battalion, Kolkata Address:                                                                                                   247, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata 700027

3. North & North Suburban Division, Kolkata Police  (50)              Deputy Commissioner of Police,                                                                                                                  North & North Suburban                                                                                                                             Division, Kolkata Address: 1                                                                                                                  13,  A.P.C. Road, Kolkata 700009

4. Eastern Suburban Division, Kolkata Police  (40)                          Deputy Commissioner of Police,                                                                                                          Eastern Suburban Division, Kolkata                                                                                                              Address: 105, Hem Chandra                                                                                                                        Naskar Road, Kolkata 700010


Description of Civic Volunteer Trends Terms
The applicant should have the following eligibility criteria:
1. A resident of the area under the Kolkata Police Officer.
2. The applicant's minimum age should be 20 years (on the first day of January, 019) and the maximum
Age 60 years
3. Minimum educational qualification: Class VIII pass.
4. The players who have done well and have experience will be given to the applicants
NCC Cadet / Boy Scouts / NSS Guidance / Civil Defense Volunteers etc.
5. There is no criminal record against him in any police station.
6. Physically and mentally fit.
7. Applicants to the Wireless Branch have the option of having valid driving
Motor Mechanic etc. licenses and work experience.
8. Priority will be given to candidates, apply for the Kolkata Home Guards,
Work experience as security guard and they can be set for corrective service
Related duty

B selection process:
1. The applicants will collect the application form from the concerned office for all the days mentioned in the application form
You can download the application form in the above list or from the official website of Kolkata
Submit the police ( and place within the stipulated time
After completing the application, mention the table mentioned above. Proforma
The appendix is ​​attached to the application

2. (a) The concerned Reserve Officer shall maintain a register to record all such applications
Kolkata Police ND / ESD / WBB for further processing.
(B) R. Combat Battalion, Calcutta will maintain registration to record such application
For the next processing, the Kolkata home guards are accepted for the organization.
3. (a) Citizen Volunteers will be selected for enrollment in different departments of the Kolkata Police
Through the interview of a committee constituted by the relevant committee
Deputy Commissioner, Calcutta Chairman and an Assistant Commissioner of Police
Deputy Commissioner of the concerned Divisional Commissioner of Kolkata
(B) Citizen Volunteers will be selected for enrollment in the wireless section of Kolkata Police
Through the appointment of the election commissioner with the commissioner Dr.
Police, Wireless Branch, Calcutta Chairman and one Assistant Commissioner and one
Deputy Director of Police, Wireless Branch, working as a member of the Calcutta Police.
(C) Citizens volunteers will be selected for enrollment in Kolkata Home Guard organization
Through the appointment of the election commissioner with the commissioner Dr.
Police, Combat Battalion, Calcutta Chairman and one Assistant Commissioner and one
Police Deputy Inspector Kambat Battalion's Kolkata Police Inspector
4. No debate will be decided by Civic Volunteers during the selection process
Commissioner of the Board, Calcutta Chairman and add. Commissioner
Police (Fourth), Kolkata and the JT. Commissioner of Police (AP), member of Calcutta.
5. The selected volunteers will not be called for the Kolkata Police or any other job
Department of Government for such division.
6. Every volunteer will be given an honorarium at a rate determined by the government
Work statement certified by unit-in-charge.
7. An ID number will be allocated during the recruitment of each volunteer.
8. Each volunteer will have a 2-week training course organized by the deputy
Police Commissioner, Home Guard Organization, Kolkata.
9. After the necessary selection procedures and completion of training, such as Citizens Volunteer
Calcutta Police will be included and employed in different units.
10. If no selected candidate joins properly, this vacancy will be filled in such a way
From the list of citizens volunteers that will be prepared against this employment notice.
11. If no need of Civic volunteers for any other unit of the Kolkata Police,
At the same time it can also be filled from the Civic Volunteers Reserve List, which will be prepared against it
Employment Notice

How to Apply:
(A) Application form: - Attached format of the application is attached here. It should be done
Only printed on white A-4 size paper. The following documents will be attached
With application: -
(i) the signed copy of the acknowledgment proof. (PAN Card / Passport / Driving License / Voter
Card with card / bank passbook / Aadhaar card / e-card
(ii) the signed copy of the address proof. (Voter card / base card / e-inside
Photographs / passports / driving licenses / bank passbooks / electric bills /
Telephone bill)
(iii) A signed passport size photograph will be kept on the right side
Application form
(iv) Copy of signed documents related to age proof (birth certificate / school)
Birth certificate showing certificate / admission card).
(v) The signed copy of the educational certificates.
(vi) Recognized certificates for additional technical qualifications and requirements
Experience [Para A (7) and A (8)] are mentioned.
All original documents mentioned above will be verified during the time
Instinct. Candidates must submit only one application.
The application submitted in multiple units will be free
(B) In addition to the prescribed document, the filled application form should also be done
Personally submitted (in no way) submitted to Drop Drop Box
For the departmental / battalion / unit office mentioned in the corresponding table, for which
The applicant is willing to submit his application. Containing leaflet
The application should be marked as "Application for citizenship post"
Volunteer ".
No address can be found without any address specified
E. The latest receipt and withdrawal of applications are January 03, 2019 through 05.00
Prime Minister

(i) No application will be accepted after the date of receipt of the application and the time.
(ii) Inappropriate applications are in Parameter (such as)
Responsible to be rejected.

F. Canvying in any way will make the candidate disqualified for consideration


more information - 

application form-   click here

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