post name - Constables (Male)

1. NAME OF THE POST AND PAY SCALE :- Constables (Male) in West Bengal Police in the Pay Scale of Rs. 5,400 - 25,200/- (i.e. Pay Band-2) + Grade Pay Rs. 2,600/-. 2. RESERVATION OF VACANCIES :-


i) The total above mentioned is only subject to completely temporary and limited changes.
ii) 15% horizontal reservation extended to the NVF and home guard staff working in West Bengal Police
Completed 03 (three) years of service only for the post mentioned above
Notification no. To meet the eligibility criteria for the post of West Bengal Police Constable.
5746-PL / PB / 14M-05/16 dated 01/12/2017. Rickshaw working in NVF and home guard workers
West Bengal Police may be determined by which only the approach will be met
From time to time the government
iii) 10% horizontal conservation has been increased for Civic volunteers working in West Bengal Police
03 (three) years of service has been completed.
iv) Service length for NVF, home guard staff and civil volunteers working in West Bengal Police
Will be counted as 01/01/2016.
v) Shortlisted applicants will apply under the Department of NVF, Home Guard and Civil Volunteers
Enrollment certificate issued by the competent authority during the examination before the interview.
Candidates of these types of candidates will fail to resign as the candidate.
vi) Shortlisted candidates appearing under the exempt category (EC) as family members of land victims
Original copies of identification of pre-census employees / election workers / statisticians should be made
The registration card issued by the labor department of West Bengal and the NCO number card shown
Bengali surveillance time before the interview.
vii) Female applicants are not eligible to apply for the post of Constable.

3. Qualifications: -
A. Be the citizen of India.
B. Age: Applicant should not be less than 18 (eighteen) years old and will not be 27 years old (twenty
Seven years old on 01/01/2016). Higher age limit will be reduced for Western SC / ST applicants
Only in 05 (five) years, Bengali and West Bengal's OBC applicants will only be in 03 (three) years. High age
The limit is relaxable for NVF and home guard workers (serving only in West Bengal police)
Existing government rules But age is not available for loose volunteer volunteers.

Note: - (i) The date recorded in the middle or equivalent admission card / certificate will be only
Accepted as valid proof for age verification.
(ii) A candidate of OBC or OBC-B category, shortlisted for interview, must be produced
Renewal / renewal or form the effective OBC / OBC-B certificate effective authority
In the previous 01 (one) year of 01.01.2019, the verification time is valid
Interview Therefore, renewal / renewal of certificates issued before 01.01.2018
From competent authority Failure to produce renewed / renewed OBC / OBCB certificate, the candidate will not be considered as OBC or OBC-B. But they might be
If they get equal or higher scores than the marks obtained by the end, they will be considered as the UR
Candidates selected under the U.R.
(iii) If the OBC / OBC-B category candidates get higher scope of opportunity
Limited submission time but renewal / renewal failed to produce OBC
- Certificate of O / OBC-B interview, its candidate will be canceled briefly.
(iv) NVF personnel and home guards (only served in WBP), if shortlisted, then to be produced
In relation to their claim, the relevant documents relating to the service provided by them primarily
Age Vacation at the time of verification in interview.
C. Educational Qualification: The applicant must pass the Middle Examination from the West course
Board of Secondary Education or its equivalent board.
D Language: - (i) The applicant must be able to speak, read and write Bengali language. However, this is
The hills will not be applicable for permanent residents of the sub-division
Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts. (ii) For applicants of Darjeeling and Kalimpong Hill sub-division
The provisions mentioned in the District, West Bengal Official Language Act, 1961 will be applicable.
 Applicants must have significant qualifications on or before the date of publication
Any if any candidate is available at any stage during verification of certificates
The qualification mentioned on any date after the date of publication of this advertisement
Candidate will be refused briefly.
The short listed candidates of Dar Darjeeling and Hill sub-division of Kalimpong district will have to be produced
Certificates of their domains during verification of documents during the interview


Candidates of all categories (except
Gorkha, Gervalis, Rajbangshi and
Scheduled tribe)
167   Weight  57
78 cm (Without expansion)
83 cm (With expansion - 5cm.)
Gorkha, Gervalis, Rajbangshi and
Scheduled tribe 160  Weight 53
76 cm (Without expansion)
81cm (With expansion - 5cm.)

12. How to apply: -
West Bengal Police Recruitment Board extends both on-line and off-line submission facilities
 On-line submission: - The applicant can submit the application under this mode using the website
Wbpolice.gov.in is filled with scanned images and signatures. Applicants are
The procedure for applying on-line mode is advisable to follow properly.
Application and / or processing fee can be paid online through payment gateway using debit
Card / Credit Card / Net Banking of any bank Fees can be paid through various e-valentals and India QR
And the UPI app A sum of money 5 / - (Rupees five) will only be charged by the concerned company "Service
"Charge" for availing debit card / credit card / net-banking / e-wallet / other apps.
On-line applicants are required to copy their original passport scan scans
Full signatures of SIZE photographs (in custom colors) and JPG format
The entire space available for the same Photograph files and signout size
The file must be between 10 kilobytes - 50 kb and 5 kb - 20 kb. Dimensions for images
Photographs and Signatures 177 PX H x 138 Px Watt (4.5cm high 3.5 cm Wideth)
And 63 PX H x 350 Px Watt (1.7cm high. 9.2mm with SIM). Photographs must be done
The applicant's door is 75-80% white in color "so face.
Applicants are not advised to upload pictures of other places elsewhere
Photograph and signature.
The applicants will be provided copies of the application after submitting the application
Form with its picture, signature and unique application serial number by the system. The candidate is
It is safely recommended to preserve and mention application slie. For all future communications, if not
Need, with the appointment of the West Bengal Police Board
Request / Modification Request for change of application will not be held in any circumstances
After final submission. West Bengal Police is not responsible for the recruitment board
No corrections / additions / deletions in any particular case, outcome of unacceptable outcomes
Whatever the reason the application form.
Note: Each applicant must have a separate mobile number and e-mail ID. Mobile number sharing
The applicants are not allowed in. This number must be valid until the entire process
Employment is over. Failure to distribute SMS is not the responsibility of the Board.
Submit online through Sahaj Mitra Centers: -
Aj extended the facility of submission of application through police recruitment board Sahaj Mitra in West Bengal
In rural areas of West Bengal the center has been set up at the gram panchayat level.
 Applicants can contact Sahaj Mitra Kendra (list given on the website) with all details
And a recent passport size picture. The approved employees of the center will fill online application
Form based on the information provided by the applicant.
 They will upload it by scanning the applicant's photographs and signatures.
 Applicants must check the information presented on the on-screen course by the staff
Processing for on-line payment.
Entrepreneurs at the village level of Aj Sahaj Mitra will have to apply and / or processing fees
Kendras Center service charge (including GST) Rs. 23 / - (Sunday Three Taka) Additional
Fill in the form and upload the same to the candidate scan scans of the candidate
Payment processing fee received from the application and / or applicant on-line.
The applicant must make sure that his photos and signature are properly uploaded. The board will not be there
The information uploaded is responsible for any discrimination. If there is any reason for the picture
And signature or any other details, candidates, at any stage of the recruitment process
Scheduled tribals / scheduled people (only in West Bengal) will be paid for scheduled number of candidates
Money 193 / - only [Application Fee: Rs. 150 / -; Processing Fee: Rs. 20 / - plus service charge (with
GST): Rs. 23 / -] To the authorized workers of the Sahaj Mitra Center
Scheduled Population / Scheduled Tribes (only West Bengal) candidates Rs. 43 / -
Only (Processing Fee: Service Charge of more than Rs.20 / - (with GST): Authorized Person Rs.23 / -)
Sahaj Mitra Center
Mentioned candidates are advised to pay the above fees and service charge extra
Franchisee or affiliated staff member of the Allied Center.
After payment of F fees and service charge, approved authority
The application will be handed over to the center for the applicant's application
With the unique access to serial number as successful application
On-line application submission. There will also be a copy of the application form
Keep all the details given by the applicant.
 Applicants should keep copies of the application with them and the below mentioned
Unique application serial number for all future communications
Board, if no
Candidates can contact the Employment Recruitment Board of West Bengal through land landline (033-23371402)
For details on any kind of co-operation in the Sahitya Sahitya Kendra
Office of the center (10:00 to 05.30 pm) from Monday to Friday till the center.
Aj Helpline Center Helpline (Toll Free) -: Applicants can contact the toll free helpline number
(18004190250) To identify the closest Sahaj buddhi centers.
Online Link Application and Fee Collection through United Bank of India (UBI): -
Bengal West Bengal Police Recruitment Board extends the application form and / or payment facility
For the applicants online, processing fees through the United Bank of India (UBI) Under this system a
The deposit will be made to run the application slip. Number of times submitting online
After receiving the deposit deposit run, the applicant must be present in any branches
01 (one) afterwards, along with the challenge, UBI Pan India paid for the payment
Application and / or processing fee
 The branch will accept the fee for the production of the deposit
The applicant with the seal of the bank as confession is returning back. Run this deposit
Including application sl. No Future contact must be reserved by the applicants
If the board is needed.
Ant applicants will have to pay a thousand rupees. 23 / - (with GST) against each and every UBI branch
Payment of Rs.170 / - (For customs candidates / candidates except for scheduled castes in the west
Only bangal) or Rs. 20 / - (For Scheduled Population / Scheduled Population Candidates in West Bengal
Only Bangla).
Counsel will apply on the basis of application fee and / or processing fees to the counter
Automatically submit and the applicant will receive a system made SMS to successfully confirm
Submit his application form. The applicant must take a printout of his application
After receiving the SMS, log on to the "My Account" page.

13. Other Instructions: -
i) False / Incomplete Application / Candidates will have a short film application briefly
ii) Each candidate must submit only one application. Those who are more submitting submissions
One application form will be briefly terminated and the amount of application and / or processing fees will be canceled
Will be injured.
iii) Even if there is no match between the applicants and the application filled by the supporter
Testimonials at any stage of recruitment, candidates will be refused briefly.
iv) The application will be canceled if the applicant's signature is uploaded / submitted
Block character / obsolete / does not match the candidate's name.
v) The test will be completely temporary for eligibility verification
Stage. Therefore, if a candidate's candidate is not immediately qualified, he will be immediately rejected
After the examination / examination in presence.
vi) Candidates must adhere to the instructions given by the place-in-charge / invitee
Test place. If the candidate is indecisive or inappropriate behavior, he or she will do so
Be yourself responsible for the expulsion of examinations and / or such other punishments
May be appropriate to impose an appointment board.
vii) Other states SC / ST / OBC / OBC-B candidates will be considered as general (non-reserved) category
viii) No TA / DA will be provided to candidates for participation in primary written examination, PMT &
PET, final written test and interview. They will appear for selection of their own cost selection.
The recruitment board will not be held responsible for any damage or injury to the emerging candidate
PMT and PET or other exams.
ix) If the applicant is a government employee, he must obtain and produce an NOC from his employer.
At the appropriate level is the same.
x) All entries except the field of religion are mandatory in the application form. Submit the application
Any column blank will direct the applicant to a brief rejection without any information.
xi) The right to modify the error and correct the error is preserved in the concept of the board
Exam results and final announcement.
xii) No candidate has been complained by the place of examination
For any violation of the instructions or inappropriate methods in the regional / venue / examination
Hall or electronic gadgets such as earpieces, smart phones, etc. will be used to test
As well as canceling his candidacy, he will be banned from appearing in the future
Depending on the examination / selection process, the recruitment board may decide
The situation / seriousness of the case or criminal proceedings against
xiii) Canvaging of any form will immediately disqualify the candidate.
xiv) Candidates are advised not to feel embarrassed by any dishonest document. Completed by the recruitment process
The recruitment board is absolutely transparent
xv) The decision of the Board of Elections on all matters relating to qualification, place, date,
Candidate's acceptance or rejection will be final and binding on candidates.
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xvi) In case of examination, the applicant can apply for dissatisfied candidate with physical measurement test (PMT)
Write on the same day in front of the chairman / committee chairperson of his examination. No
Appeal will be entertained in the future.
xvii) Candidate's height can be re-measured at any stage, including considering the interview
Board and board decision will be final and compulsory on candidates.
xviii) Only short list candidates will be asked to create all relevant original certificates including those related to self
Photocopy of certified verification, which will result in canceling their candidate without any discount
Contact Us
xix) The mobile number and the applicant's e-mail ID board are being used for communication
Future startup about the admission process and nothing else Board, under
The situation will request or advise the applicant for any personal information and / or request
Extra fees and / or any official affiliate and / or unpaid fee payment
Board. Candidates can report this incident, if member, West Bengal police member
Along with the recruitment board, appropriate certificates (documentary / electronic).
xx) For online applicants, no admin card will be issued by postal department
Initial written examination and in subsequent stages, candidates are selected, in the next phase
Download e-admin card from the website.
xxi) If there is a problem downloading the offline application form or submitting online
Possible applicants of the application are advised to contact

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